Hosted Services


Use as the server name for both receiving email and sending it, also use the complete syntax for your user name. We recommend using IMAP rather than POP as this will let you store your mail on the server and allow it to be synchronised between devices.

We use the following standard TCP ports for receiving email:


We use the following standard TCP ports for sending email:

SMTP / SubmissionTLS587

The security level for these SSL / TLS are equal, but you might find some ports are blocked by some providers. In general, they should all work, but if you have any trouble then try changing to another one.

We will present a valid certificate for our hostname, so if you receive a certificate warning then please get in touch with our support team who will be able to help.

There is webmail available at

Web sites

Your site will be set up by default in the public_html directory.

You can upload your files by connecting to the host with FTP or SFTP.


To connect to the database from your code, use the hostname mysql and the standard port 3306. Nothing else is required, the container you are in will contain a hosts entry that will do the right thing.

You might be able to connect to your database using other hostnames that you will see, however if we move your database in the future then we can update the container hosts file accordingly, so you should only refer to it by the mysql hostname.

We provide a PHPMyAdmin instance to make administering your database easier. You will have direct links to it beside each configured database.

It will take a few seconds for a new database to be synchronised out to the database servers so the PHPMyAdmin link won't work instantly, but should be working after less than a minute.

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