Domain names

Domain transfers

To initiate an inbound domain name transfer, you start the process by typing the name into the box on the Domains page.

Once the request has been initiated, the next step depends on the type of domain:

.uk - To transfer a .uk domain in, you need to set the IPSTAG or Tag to PORTFAST. This needs to be done either directly at Nominet's web site or via your previous registrar. It is a simple change that should take effect very quickly.

For all other types of domain, you put the transfer request in by paying for a year's registration. In most cases this also renews the domain for a year so the transfer in is still free. You now need what's called a key from the old provider, they can generate this and send it to your administrative contact address. The administrative contact will receive an email from us with a form in it, you need to paste the key into this form. After this, the transfer will proceed.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
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