General DNS

To use the service with your domain name, you need to make sure you set the nameservers to:


Master mode

In Master mode, the servers are the authoritative source for your domain. The zone can be edited via the control panel and changes will be automatically propagated throughout the cluster.

You can add your own access list to permit zone transfers out, and notify packets will be sent to the nameservers in the 'NS' section of the zone when you cause an update.

Slave mode

In Slave mode, our servers will copy the zone from a master of your choice. You specify this master by IP address in the "DNS editor" section of the site. You can use an IPv4 or IPv6 address as the master.

If you are using IPv4, then you will need to permit transfers from:

If you are using IPv6, then you will need to permit transfers from:


We will email you in advance if any of these addresses need to change.

The name server will request a new copy of the zone if you send it a DNS notify packet. This packet must come from the same address that you have specified above, otherwise it will be ignored, so pay special attention if your source name server is behind NAT.

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