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Friday 5 February 2016 - Virtual machine price refresh

We've revised the pricing of our virtual machines, it had been a while and they were looking a little outdated.

To this end, we have decided on a completely flexible model where you choose RAM and disk space to suit your application, with a linear scale of £4 per GB of memory, 7p per GB of disk space and £1 for the IPv4 address. IPv6 only is actually something we've been asked for in the past, so why not.

Additionally, if you pre-pay more than a month, we give a discount ranging up to 10% for a year.

As we value our existing customers, whenever we make a price adjustment we will extend your service term automatically to ensure that you are on the best rate.

We're also working on a configuration changer for live virtual machines too, so that you can grow them as required on short notice. Until then if you want to change your configuration, just open a ticket and we will make it so.

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