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Thursday 31 December 2015 - MySQL to PostgreSQL migration

From day one, from the first lines of code back in 2005, we have used a MySQL database as the back end for pretty much everything. It has served us well, not lost any data and mostly done what we have told it to. It remains the world's most popular database engine due to its shallow learning curve and extensive documentation.

As our requirements have shifted, for some time now, I've been eyeing up PostgreSQL as an alternative.

Postgres supports some more useful data types, like 'inet' as a great example, and 'json' as a native container for a blob of JSON data which you can build a query on, so we took the time to build a migration plan.

Interesting things you might run in to during such a migration will include:

The unit tests have all passed but the two databases do behave slightly differently, so if you find anything that's not working as expected then open a ticket and we'll fix it.

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