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Friday 2 January 2015 - A new look for a new year.

You might have noticed some changes to the Portfast web site today, after much tinkering and shifting of bits, the new version is finally ready to go live.

This first iteration of the new site aims only for feature parity with the old one, a lot of the underlying code is the same, as is the database that it speaks to. As well as easing the transition, this lets us roll it back easily if the customer reaction is along the lines of "OH MY EYES" or "what does 'internal server error' mean?". We hope that the reaction will be a little more positive, but you have to plan for every contingency.

There's even a new logo, yes, partly inspired by our Twitter account name. It's all about being sociable.

Under the bonnet there are a bucket load of JSON API calls that you can make to automate every aspect of your account, while possible to use these now, the specification has not been nailed down yet and is likely to change as having deprecated the old site we can now start tinkering with larger parts of the underlying system.

There will be a key based authentication system for the API which will avoid you needing to leave your actual login details in a script, more to follow.

Other useful features on the road map include (but not limited to):

If you find a problem with it, or just have an idea for something that could work better, we would really appreciate it if you could drop us an email, or a ticket, or if that bit is the bit which is broken, a good old fashioned phone call.

We wish you all a happy 2015!

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